My New Year’s Resolution


New Year’s Resolutions

I wonder did the Cavemen make New Year’s resolutions. Did he resolve to give up drinking the fermented berries that were left in the stomach lining of the bear they killed? Did he commit to a personal goal of going for a walk every day bar one (This would be in addition to the twenty miles a day he’d be running chasing prey and then running away from said prey)? Nah, I don’t think so. I think that this is a relatively new invention, perhaps only a few thousand years old.

Apparently, the Babylonians were into their New Year’s resolutions, only they called them promises to the God’s at the start of each year to give back what they owed. There was a so called ‘Peacock Vow’ made by medieval knights to re-commit to their vow of chivalry (I wonder did this come after the Crusades and before the Spanish Inquisition…?) It didn’t catch on really, did it?

Moving on to more recent times, to Clonakilty in the nineties, resolutions such as losing weight, stopping eating Tayto’s, running a few miles every second day, saving money, stop buying ‘rubbishy items’ and giving up smoking were done on pretty much alternate years. Some were started on January 1st without much success, so I had a bit of a rethink. I gave up smoking in May on a Monday morning successfully, unlike the previous January when I was still on holidays and enjoying the party season. Beginning a running schedule on a cold wet rainy evening at the start of the year is not a good idea so I started training in July and did every 2nd and 3rd evening, a few months later I was participating in 5 mile races.

I have resolved to cut back a little for the first few months of the year, to ease myself back into walking sometimes and not to be a food pusher. I’ve started a little de-cluttering (Not a caveman or Medieval Knight resolution I suspect). I think my main promise to myself is to give thanks, thanks for the food I eat, admit to good fortune and that I am here. Maybe not so different to our ancient friends sitting in their caves, each night giving thanks for surviving, except their resolve would be to live to fight another day.


Majella © 10/01/2012

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