It’s my New Year resolution (And I’m sticking with it)


I walked into the kitchen with my shopping bag and said to my wife “Guess what I’ve bought?” She looked at me, excitedly, saying “I don’t know” Then I pulled a box from the bag, and opened it taking out the contents. Her face changed from excitement to disappointment as she sarcastically “Oh look, it’s a new pair of runners”.

“That’s right” I said “My New Year’s resolution is to get fit”

“That’s fantastic” My wife said “I have something that might help you”.

Wow, I thought, she is really taking me seriously, that’s the support I need. Then she arrived back with three boxes of runners and throwing them across towards me said “There’s your last three years of resolutions. Get out of my sight, I thought you were being romantic and had bought me something nice, New Year’s resolutions my arse”.

I’d say more runners are sold between St. Stephan’s day and New Year’s Day than any other time of year. You nearly have to queue to walk on your local footpath during the (New Resolution Period) of course it’s all over by the middle of January.

So what do I really want to achieve in 2012? I want to lose that stone or two, so I feel that a combination of dieting and sporting activities will do the trick.

After some meticulous planning and research, I have it sorted. I found a diet plan that suits me perfectly it’s called ‘Eat your way to a better figure’ and I’ve borrowed the X Box and some games from the kids. These games require a great deal of skill and all involve sports from soccer to motor racing. So far, after staying awake all night eating everything in sight, I have managed to pass level one, but I’m determined to finish it because it’s my New Year Resolution and I’m definitely sticking with it.


Tom Cullen ©

Thurles Source Writers Group 10/01/2012

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