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Perhaps it would be somewhat supercilious to remark upon a sense of detachment and moral decay latent in modern society without exposing an inherent corresponding cynicism within myself but such is the paradoxical nature of the polemic. While a countenance of seemingly emancipated aloofness has been cultivated among my contemporaries, it offers very little in the ways of perception and rationale and much more in the ways of denial and mistrust. The dogmatic social pillars of yesterday have long since been torn down and as a consequence a spiritual and emotional vacuum has emerged that festers almost as rotten as the system that has been supplanted.

The power base of religious dogmatism has been eroded to the point of parody by now, criticism of the church has reached the point of cliché. The pleasure taken in the breathless pace of this downfall is certainly a natural response to the erosion of any tyrannical entity but serves to illustrate the growing need to indulge in schadenfreude. Taken as a literal standpoint, the reaction to this debacle serves as a touchstone to the modern point of view. Critique is often blanket and reduced to base stereotyping.

Liberalism and excess has produced an attitude of ambivalence towards existence in general, particularly regarding spiritual issues. It is hard to consider these advances in outlook positively if the only natural response to rubbish the question rather than considering an issue from its constituent points. A case in point is would be to mention the words Jesus or religion at a pub gathering and gauge reaction from that.

To elaborate upon the point further it should be noted that there is little faith in any authority, religious or otherwise. As such, those in positions of power are seen as either puppets or driven by self interest wanting only to advance their own causes at the expense of others. Having watched the more visual perpetrators of the most recent excesses carry wheelbarrow sized portions of public funds away without any real rebuke or sanction, the response is perhaps justified but the overall effect is to produce a general dissonance amongst people

The worst aspect of this is that the end result is a lack of belief and hope amongst people and the manifestation of this is a notable apathy that eats away at the essence of a collective being. Now, it appears, would be a time to ask questions rather than to simply ignore them.

John Wid © Oct 2012

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