Thoughts of a Christmas Memory

Treading cautiously, wary of treacherous terrain hidden beneath a carpet of freshly fallen snow, hearing the scrunch of boots trespassing their mark on the


Crrrunch, crrrunch. There, I’ve left a vestige of my being till the imminent snow


Concealing my path in life.

Now above the chill clouds the panorama unfolds bringing wonder at the sight



Creation at perfection.

Stopping to stand and stare and imprint the image in my memory, I cannot help but marvel at the transience of existence. Thankful to be given the grace to imbue the magnificence of beauty.

Looking closely at where I stand, I bend to greet the enticing spectacle of frozen sparkling gems encrusted in the foliage. Drawing nearer, each facet emits a prism; a glittering rainbow ray, glistening in the sun softly shining.

Savouring the moment

Knowing all too well that the sun’s warmth will cede to the melting of the

virgin ice diamonds.

Looking upwards and beyond

The tips of windmills looming out of the stratosphere stood still too as if to


The only reminder of Man engrained against the vista,

uncompromising yet awesomely serene in their non movement as if they too

have been stopped in time to stand and stare.

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