Is There Anyone Out There?


Back in the eighties RTE showed a thirteen part television show called Cosmos it was written by Carl Sagan an American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist and author along with Ann Druyan and Steven Soter who co-wrote the show with Carl Sagan as presenter. It was a remarkable show in many ways both for its style, delivery and its outstanding musical soundtrack…but especially so because the ordinary man and woman could grasp the basic principles of our Universe. Carl Sagan said “Those worlds in space are as countless as all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the Earth, each of those worlds are as real as ours” that statement alone is one of the reasons why I became interested star gazing.

If you’re like me I suspect that on any clear night especially a frosty one you’ll take at least a couple of minutes to look up into the heavens and look in wonder and amazement at the magnificent panoramic view that’s on display. And if you have a curious mind like mine, I wonder as you gaze at the stars and beyond do you ever ask yourself the question, ‘is there anyone out there’?

Since the beginning of time, even before the advent of speech certain questions evolved within the human psychic both on a personal level and within the collective consciousness. Such questions as, ‘where do we come from?’ ‘Who made us?’ ‘What is the meaning of life?’ and, ‘is there anyone out there?’ These probing questions I feel are as relevant to us today as they were back in the time of ancient civilisations. For many these questions have already been answered to a certain degree by representatives of various religious churches, but for others including myself the quest continues for answers of a more conclusive nature.

Just to give some idea of the Universe: there are two different meanings for the Universe, first there is the observable one that is, everything we’ve able to see and observe up to this point in Earth’s present history and secondly the whole Universe, that’s the one we can’t see but know it’s there. So let’s stay with the observable Universe for the time being. Imagine if you could travel at the speed of light, which by the way is 186,000 miles per second. You would be able to circle the Earth’s equator about 7.5 times just in one second. To give an example;  a Supersonic airplane  traveling at a speed of 1,450 mph the distance around the earth, which  at the equator is 25,000 miles without stopping,   would take 17 hrs. However this is not possible at the moment, but gives us an adequate idea of distance travelled between two concepts.

Let’s take it a step further and look at a light year. A light year is the distance light travels in one year. How far is that? I hear you say, well multiply the number of seconds in one year by the number of miles that light travels in one second and hey presto there you have it; 5.88 trillion miles. It is estimated that 93 billion light years is what it would take to travel from one side of the observable Universe to the other side, bear in mind that according to our most prominent Astrologers and Cosmologists the Universe is rapidly expanding all the time. That is simply mind-blowing. Now think carefully before you give your answer to the question: is there anyone out there.

Speaking for myself I’ve never had a problem in believing that the other worlds Carl Sagan speaks of exist in the observable Universe as well as the whole Universe. I can offer some evidence but not substantiating concrete evidence to convince you the reader that other worlds like our own, and that intelligence extra-terrestrials (ETs) live somewhere out there on them, exist either. Ask yourself this question ‘why would God create an infinite Universe with no other life forms, save only the human race as the only occupants?’ we can’t even see the planets in our own solar system with the naked eye. So what would be the point? I can on the other hand point out some things of interest that are worth pursuing for the healthy sceptic as well as likeminded souls such as myself, should they wish to investigate such matters even if it is only to satisfy their own curiosity.

Let’s begin with the idea of ETs from other worlds.


The year was 1945; just Shortly after World War Two there was an unprecedented amount of eyewitness accounts of strange sightings in the sky from around the world- this was not too long after the detonation of two nuclear bombs over the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan. They were described as flying discs, flying saucers, flying ships or whatever the people who claimed to have seen them thought they were. Over time they came to be known as unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The acronym “UFO” is generally credited to Edward J Ruppelt director of Project Blue. Project Blue Book came under the direction of the USA air force and its main purpose was to investigate all things related to UFO activity. Project Blue Book officially ended in 1969 after 22 years of scientific investigation, and more than 12, 500 reported sightings were investigated. While most were explained some were not. The Mammoth Encyclopaedia of Extra-terrestrials Encounters, Edited by Ronald D. Story will give the more inquisitive inquirer a fuller account of such investigations.

While there has been much controversy and speculation surrounding the UFO phenomena, ever since the ending of World War Two. Conversely UFOs are continually being reported and are on the upsurge rather than diminishing. It is worth reporting that a 2008 Scripps UFO Poll carried out by Thomas Hargrove and Guido H. Stempel tells us that 56% of Americans overall believe that intelligent life exist on other planets, while a similar poll conducted in 2002 by Life Roper Poll which was commissioned by the Sci Fi Channel stated that 66% of Americans believed there was other forms of intelligent life in the Universe.

Because the subject surrounding UFOs, ETs, Underground Bases and Alien Abduction is so immense with literally thousands of such reported incidents from past and present and from people from all walks of life. It is almost impossible to know where to start or point anyone who may be fascinated with the possibility of other worldly creatures in the right direction. One incident that springs to mind and possible one of the most famous cases in the history of UFOs and ETs is The Roswell UFO incident, an alleged event that took place in the U.S.A on a ranch near Roswell in 1947 in June or July New Mexico. Explanations of what took place are based on both official and unofficial communications. The most illustrious explanation of what occurred is that a spacecraft containing ETs had crashed and it is believed that some of them had survived. What makes the case legendary is that it was initially reported in the Tuesday edition of the Roswell Daily Record dated 08/July/1947 with the feature headline:

RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch In Roswell Region

‘The intelligence office of the 509th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Air Field announced at noon to-day, that the field had come into possession of a flying saucer’. Note: in contrast to the above article which appeared in the Tuesday July the 08th paper, on the very next day, Wednesday morning July the 09th the paper stated that the ‘Flying Disk’ found near Roswell; was in fact a weather balloon/weather device that the army was trying out. There is a substantial  amount of material relating to this particular incident as well as a television film which was produced by Paul Davids in 1994, which was supposed to be based on a true account about the Roswell UFO incident…It seems as if the Roswell episode is here to stay. Of course the UFO phenomenon is not only exclusive to the American continent. There have been reported incidents regarding UFOs from around the world.

However the idea of other life forms and civilizations is not a new one, and throughout  mankind’s history UFOs and alien life forms have been depicted by artistic individuals from many different cultures on all continents. The oldest known cave art known today were discovered as recently as February 2012 in Spain and are thought to be over 42,000 years old based on carbon dating. Before this find, the caves in Australia were believed to be the oldest at 40,000 years old. Up to now, over 350 caves have been discovered in France and Spain that contain cave drawings, of everyday life as well as what appears to be other worldly beings from a different dimension. I am saddened that these discoveries are consigned to a period known as “Prehistoric”.

Humankind has always felt a great desire to leave its mark behind for the following generations, whether this ego based or simply to be remembered is open to debate. Self-preservation comes to mind ‘We were here’.

But what if these people from around the globe were survivors of a cataclysmic event which caused the destruction of their own civilisation, and were intent on leaving behind a record of their existence on the interior walls of caves to remind us of what they were, or had been? Then this would suggest that these humans were well aware of other intelligent species, only a thought, but one worth pondering on. One must bear in mind that our present civilisation (Post Flood) is only approximately 10,000 years old and many would argue that present humanity has overstepped its-self in leaving its mark. It seems that we intend to leave our mark in space as well. NASA: has sent a brief history of mankind, encoded on two records; a gold one and a silver one, on two independent probes which are now in deep space. Mankind in the past is as Mankind in the future, leaving its mark on the walls of time.

There are new discoveries happening all the time from our ancient past due to advanced technologies, and new science techniques; but they seem ask more questions than are able to be answered. Serious academics shy away from these new discoveries and mainstream media only gives scant coverage of them at best. ‘Could it be that we are not alone?’ And that they know something, but are unwilling to share the information with the world. Fear of derision, ridicule, loss of respect?

Fortunately with the arrival of the internet in recent years both Television and Radio shows have stepped in to fill this void, it has been argued that some of these shows are Over the top (OTT) and offer nothing but sensationalism. On the whole though, the shows I have watched and listened to have been informative and interesting. Albert Einstein once said “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance” A sentiment I’m inclined to agree with.


In a radio interview with George Noory from ‘Coast to Coast’ a North American late night radio chat show; a radio show it has to be said, that deals with The Weird, The Wonderful, The Strange, Conspiracy Theories as well The New World Order (NWO) and UFOs. And which has a regular listener-ship of over three million; Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Centre stated that 2012 had seen an unprecedented amount of UFO sightings from every state in the Union. He also stated that the month of September from the 1st to 30th there had been five hundred and sixteen reports of fireballs all across America. Nine months ago in February of this year 2013 a 12,000-ton meteor/fireball exploded over Chelyabinsk, a Russian city with over 1.1 million residents. It streaked through the sky at the speed of 42,000 mph. This meteor/fireball was only 62 feet across but burst with the force of about 40 Hiroshima-type atom bombs, scientists say its shock wave shattered thousands of windows, and its flash temporarily blinded 70 people and caused dozens of skin peeling sunburns just after dawn on the morning of February the 15th. It is estimated that over 1,600 people were injured. A note of interest: The largest fragment of the Chelyabinsk meteor/fireball, which punched a hole in the frozen surface of Lake Chebarkul, weighing a mere 1,200-pound stone was retrieved in September of the same year.

Could any of these meteors/fireballs have had any bearing on what happened on the 28th of January 2011when the internet was ablaze with one question “What was in the skies above The Dome of the Rock” which is a shrine located on the Temple Mount in the old City of Jerusalem. It would appear that an unidentified object hovered above for some moments, and then without warning shot into the sky. This strange anomaly was carried by all the major networks and was shown around the world via television. It can be viewed on YouTube for anyone wishing to see what all the fuss was about. ‘Was this-an elaborate hoax, or was it something entirely different, or was it a sign of things to come?

Suffice to say that in these present times, something of a momentous magnitude is occurring. In September 2012 a large stretch of the Yangtze River, China’s longest river turned red, and in the same year on 27th November , tourists in Australia fled Bondi Beach when the sea turned blood red. Bondi was among several popular beaches in and around Sydney that had to be closed after the sea transformed into something resembling a horror movie. Red rain also fell in the same month in Sri Lanka, a strange phenomenon never before experienced there. Scientists are in a quandary as to explain these “glitches” adequately. Some (Prophets and Doomsayers) would argue that the year 2012 was the start of something monumental. I’m not so sure, but I am aware that curious and frightening events such as violent weather patterns, shoals of mammals washed upon beaches around the world, and other unexplained abnormalities such as Sinkholes and Marian Visitations just to name a few, are happening more frequently, again these events receive little or no coverage on television and radio. In my opinion what we have on our television and radio is mainly superficial nonsense, keep the public distracted and in ignorance. I wonder if this is by design; perhaps some things are better kept from the public for their own safety?

I would like to imagine that future generations will have a more open and honest appraisal of the world in which they live, than we do of it ourselves in this present time.

In conclusion; whatever about the existence of UFOs and ETs there can be no denying that extraordinary things are happening? Maybe UFOs & ETs have something to do with these times or maybe not. You make your own mind up, but remember that ‘Denial is a disease that affects the educated and the ignorant equally.




Michael Mullins © 2013



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