Spring of my Youth

Spring of My Youth

An old school photograph uncovered

So many faces, some names recalled, most forgotten

You look so forlorn, so small they called you sparrow

School jumper, white shirt, Winsor knot

Short pants, knobbly knees, tentative smile

Were almost ready, wave of the hand, say cheese, big flash

Mam wanted her boy looking smart, I wanted long pants

Top row Henrik Ostrowski my best friend

I’ve looked for you for forty years, are you still alive?

Bottom row Stefan Babinski and cheery Tommy Sharkey

The girl beside me with a beautiful smile…your name escapes me

What do I remember? Not much. So long ago, so long ago

But I remember you with your frightened heart

And so I went back in time, stood beside you and held you in my arms

Whispered in your ear, told you that I loved you, did you feel my tears?

Told you that things would out turn out just fine

And everything you’ve ever done, has brought you to this place

Contentment in my mind as I face my twilight years

Michael Mullins


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