The Rite of Spring

Quiescent sleepers, benign creepers
Down in the belly of the valley below
Gathered and waiting for the song of the siren
Late, is the melody of nature’s repose?
Like a jealous lover, obsessed with ownership
Winter binds Spring tightly against its breast
A deathly silence dwells within this dark soul
Desirous with envy reins an obsessive grip
Within, the seed complete, expression yearns
With time’s accordance, spring delivers with poise
Time keeps on slipping; slipping into the future
There is something wrong, something in the air
She is confused not knowing whether to go or stay
The sun, her true lover, iridescent, will away
Winter’s guardians sly and subtle, icy talons
Resistance, release, resistance, release
Abnormal is normal in this ‘now’ perennial battle
Spring’s tenure with destiny continually shifting
Leaf, fern and stream will come, floral patterns too
Oh very young, short is the time in future days past
But yours is no disgrace, an Angel in chains still offers hope
That, hope, is the heart of the spirits quest
Down in the belly of the valley below

Michael Mullins © 2016 sourcewritersgroup

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