Reasons To Be Cheerful


To quote the famous Oscar Wilde “we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”, this is a wonderful metaphor and in my opinion its meaning implies that it is the optimist and the grateful who is indeed looking at the stars as opposed to the pessimist who is often too busy working or worrying to appreciate the wonderful gifts that they possess or the beauty that is all around them.

Working long hours to pay the mortgage or payments on the second car ,worrying about when the repo men are coming, stressing about what others think of them, when the Next World War is coming, anticipating that one day everything will work out and the love of their lives will eventually show themselves.

To these people I say stop! For these are just illusions that you are creating in your head, they are not real .You have no control over them and all this time worrying and stressing is time wasted. Take stock of your life and what is good in it and open your eyes and mind to this wonderful life you already have.

Stop, look, listen and feel the life-force flowing through your body and mind, for it is the greatest asset you will ever own, value your intelligence, your ability to decipher the emotions of sound being made by your favorite records, your ability to lose yourself in so many wonderful books and films, the many projects and great things you can do to challenge yourself, use your body to run, swim and play.

Acknowledge the endless wonders and beauty of our world, Go stare at the starry night sky and be in awe of its enigma. Take a walk in the park, appraise the beautiful animals and nature all around you, Bask in the serenity as you look out toward the ocean and watch the waves reclaim the land, but most importantly look for the beauty and kindness in our fellow human beings .Learn from each other, listen, talk and laugh and absorb the love all around you; from your family and friends. Cherish these moments with our wonderful children, their innocence, naivety and their ability to laugh; perhaps sometimes we need to be just like them.

Ladies and Gentlemen time is running out, stop worrying about these illusions we create in our heads and what is going to happen in the future, for there is no future yet there is only now. So start living. Because when you think of it; there are so many reasons to be cheerful.


Brian Mullins © 2014


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