The Purest Snowflake

The Purest Snowflake

Expectantly we wait months for the expected snow to come, in its beautiful soft and pure form

Tiny and light at first, but growing all the time

We dream and plan for the future, how we’ll love, treasure and groom you into a beautiful snowman

But then when you finally come you are so tiny, white, soft and beautiful, but yet so still

Never growing, we look with disbelieving eyes as our ears hear the words we do not want to hear

We cradle our dream and weep as our treasured dreams ebb out between our fingers

Our dreams are dead, our hearts have been ripped from our chests and scattered on the Dead Sea

We cradled you, and watched with tearful eyes as you ebbed away from us, now we must stand and watch as you melt deep into the darkened ground

Far away from our aching arms, but never far from our loving thoughts

Our purest snowflake






Gus Defoe ©

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