Mother Earth

Mother Earth

The Celtic tigers dead and gone no more will we hear him roar

He left us disillusioned when he faded from our shore

The wealth that flowed so freely seemed to change our sense of worth

And we forgot our great dependence on the gifts of mother earth

When things began to fall apart we wondered could we cope

The prospects of the future for many held small hope

Property halved its value and investments failed, I know

But think of what it might be like if potatoes failed to grow

If the lush green grass of our dear land were suddenly to fail

Imagine what would follow and what problems would entail

No milk from cows no steak nor beef, a casserole to make

No more lamb chops or cutlets, no flour to bake a cake

If our fruit and veggies withered, we,ed not have our five a day

And be forced to view our values in a very different way

For the wealth of the country by my humble estimation

Is the food its richness can produce to sustain the population

Now while our shares and dividends aren’t worth the same amount

Did we truly forfeit all that much of the things that really count

Two motors on the tarmac drive outside our front door looked cool

But did we need that SUV just to take the kids to school

Then let us pause and stand awhile, take time to look around

At the trees and plants and creatures, which in our land abound

Contentment food and good fresh air to nourish mind and heart

Are the benefits that will accrue when we work with mother earth

                                         Christy Wade. ©

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