The Man


The Man

The man set his alarm clock, at the appointed hour he would rise from his bed, go to the bathroom wash and shave, and then get dressed. His breakfast would consist of one of two choices which would alternate every second week. Before leaving to catch the bus to work he would set the house alarm. This was his practiced habit for the last twenty six years. It was a habit that he found almost impossible to break although the man was out of work for the last fourteen months; due to the fact of having to take forced redundancy.

His daily routine now consisted of wandering the streets of the city; where he once worked, occasionally walking around parks and visiting museums. One day while walking through a newly constructed park of modern art he noticed a large number of people gathered around a man preaching, he was talking about the kingdom of God. Somebody from the crowd asked him where one might find this kingdom, as he was in need of a bed for the night; this comment raised a considerable laugh from the rest of the crowd. The man looked at his watch, although inclined to stay a little longer and listen to more of what the preacher might say, it was getting late, he would miss his bus, and this he would not do. On the journey home the man was at odds with himself. Questions began to penetrate his mind: why was he living this charade? Why was he presenting this façade to his known world, and what was the point in continuing? In fact was the point in anything?

Coming to a decision; he knew now what he must do. Arriving home at the usual time he did something totally out of character; he made a cup of tea and a slice of toast, there were crumbs on his suit jacket. So what, who cares anyway?  Pushing the kitchen chair back the man walked out to the garden shed, it didn’t take him long to find what he was looking for, a length of rope in its usual place. Going back into the house he then made a crude noose, with the other end of the rope he tied to one of the spindles off the upstairs banister. When everything was in place the man placed a wire tie around his hands. Standing on a small stool he put the noose around his neck and with his right foot pushed the stool away.

Within twenty seconds the man knew he had made a mistake. There was nothing he could do, the life force slowly draining from his body. A voice inside his head reverberating around his scull…the kingdom of God is within you…

The spindle broke and he fell to the ground. Feeling his neck and glad of a second chance, the man now felt he had a mission in life; he would now make it his life’s work to search for this kingdom.

                                        Michael Mullins ©

The Source Writers Group November 2011

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