Hope is eternal an old sage once said
For myself I’m not so sure
For what is real? Only the thing we see and hold
Where are you where have you gone my love?
They tell me that I shall meet you
In that place that they call home
I call your name in mumbling tones
For it breaks my heart to call it clear
I sometimes hear your laughter see that old familiar smile
Only when I’m in that old relaxed way
A blessing that seldom comes these days
So lonely so lonely now I wish to die
But then I feel I would not be with you
Again once more by your side
It’s getting harder to remember
Those times we shared together
Yet a love as strong as ours refuses to diminish
I am old now feeble and absent minded
Is that the sound of your voice calling to my heart?
I am ready now come and take my hand

Michael Mullins © 01/11/2011

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