Are Lice Lousy?

The Bed Bug and Lice Infestation Support Group

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Dear Parents

Most people treat lice and bed bugs as nasty little blood sucking low life forms, which infest the heads of children, and bed clothes. They are unmentionable in any conversation and must be got rid of at all costs, in secrecy. The mere mention of Lice is enough to have a family isolated and quarantined until fumigation and de-licing has taken place.

Lice have had very bad press over the years and I wish to encourage you to have a closer look at the situation from the louse’s point of view. He’s really not a bad fellow! He creates many jobs for people manufacturing everything from fine combs to Lice deterrents. Children need to exercise their arms and fingers, and scratching is an ideal way of doing this.  They will also get time off from school, giving teachers a well-earned respite, possibly saving the Health Service time and money in the treatment of teachers suffering from nervous breakdowns. Washing power brands do well from the washing of bed linen and children’s’ clothes to the sale of clothes pegs.

Home de-licing can be great fun for all the family-sitting in front of the fire combing and counting the Lice to see who has the most and the biggest; racing them on the table and also putting them on the cat to watch him scratch. In the old days people washed children’s hair with lamp oil; but this practice was discontinued after some children sat to near the fire and were badly burned! Also some parents were charged cruelty to animals-the animals in question being the Lice.

Lice can also make nice little pets, and can be trained to wake you in the morning with a gentle nip. So I hope I have shown you a kinder and more compassionate view of the humble Lice. Remember you are never alone with a louse in the house, and you don’t need a licence to keep one.



Yours sincerely


MS Ima Crawley

Head Secretary


H J. McDonald



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