Dear Patsy,

Let me begin by reassuring you that your dream was in fact a good omen. It may have startled you at the time but it does prove that you are receptive to the Universe’s planes of existence.

You mentioned the ‘clusters of starry orbs of flickering bright light’; these were the chorus of angels making their presence known to you. I think deep down you know that because you did say you felt calm,as if there was beauty in the midst of  darkness. When there is a passing of a divine and blessed person, that transition from an earthly plane to a celestial sphere is greeted and accompanied by the angels to bring peace and comfort to the soul about to enter the next realm.

So as you mourn and fall deeper into the abyss of grief reflecting the magnitude of  loss  that engulfs you, you are drawn into the driving force of creation and the more receptive you are to this energy, the more you become aware of another level of existence.

When you said ‘the dazzling lights floated resplendent in close proximity and then still glistening, seemed to fade out’, this was to let you know that the moment had come for the final crossing over.

So all in all, my dear, rest peacefully knowing how privileged you were to be a rare party to this passing and know that your loved one still exists in celestial form, watching over and protecting you like a guiding star.

Regards from Auntie Sally.

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