The Land Of Illusion

The Land Of Illusion

In the court of bow down; where everyone wears a thinly veiled smile.
And the business of whatever you’re in is positively thriving.
One wonders? Where do they get their money…..? Where do they get their money?
While thinking I hope I can make my repayments
The question floats on the breeze…..

Where are you going for your winter break? We’ve just come back from blah blah
Are you mad! Don’t tell them the truth, think of the shame
Do you really want to leave this club?
But pride comes before a fall, and I don’t intend to fall
I’ll hang on and let some other fool slip first

Meanwhile the money changers account of the accounts has not quite tallied up
And somebody must pay the piper
Come in number fifty six, your time is up
I feel the blood rising from the soles of my feet
Feeling flushed but not flush
As I realize that the fool is me

Jake Butler © January 2001

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