Home World

Home world

Mother Earth celestial sphere
Resplendent in form, in flora and fauna
Perpetual motion through time and space
Home of Adam: home of the Human Race

The Garden of Eden pure and precise
Recycled memories of an abstract place
Tell me again the stories of old
Are they mythical? Or treasures to behold

Beautiful Planet abused broken compressed
21st century recalcitrant man has regressed
How green the valleys? How blue is our blue?
Less is more, but not enough for me and you

Promulgated decrees subtle and sly
Programmed to receive encouraged to lie
Were just prisoners of our own device?
Need to stop and think! Need good sound advice

Too much pressure mounting stress
Who will save us from this calamitous mess?
Too much destruction the damage done
Mother Nature’s witness; her eternal sun

Jake Butler © Nov/2011

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