That Feckin Euro

That Feckin Euro


It was launched with great palaver almost ten years ago. God it felt great to be European, we were no longer the crowd that lived on an island and would be first to fall into the sea and drown if the edge of the Continental Shelf gave way, we now mattered. We were part of the bigger picture.

We never understood the concept of ‘The Global Village’ it wasn’t invented back then. It’s bad when a small farmer living down my lane stops me in his Massey Ferguson to say:” Jesus, Tommy the price of green diesel is going to go mad, I hear the Iranians are going the blockade the Straits of Hormuz”. So Jimmy and me had now elevated our daily chat to economics.

I hated economics in school, in truth so did everyone else, even the teacher. I suppose we never saw the need for it. Thanks to Seanie Fitz and the rest of the Banking Fraternity and of course the lads in Kildare Street, economics is now spoke about in every home in Ireland with more interest than anything else. Who would have thought that George Lee would be ‘must see’ television? RTÉ must have made a fortune on advertising during George Lee’s News Reports.

So what are we going to do now? It appears that it all rests on our shoulders, little Ireland is taking the right cocktail of medicine to bring about our recovery. The truth is the Euro zone needs us to behave in this fashion for their sake and not ours. But it also expects the rest of the EU to do the same. You see we fall between the good guys who have blond hair and the bad boys who are tanned. So the truth is it doesn’t matter how good we are unless the boys from the med are prepared to play ball, it’s that simple.

The amount of money owed to the hedge funds and bond market is so great that failure is not an option- and so you ask a political partnership like to EU to resolve it. Have you ever seen a political party or parties from any country work for the common good?

Make no mistake the euro will fail and this country, having done all the right things according to Europe might as well push itself off the Continental Shelf because we will no longer matter, as we will be of no consequence to anyone.

The almighty dollar and the Sterling will rule again and the next number of generations of Irish better learns how to be a Fire fighter or Policeman because it will be up to the Ex Pats to come to our rescue.
I really hope that I am wrong but I don’t think so. We are heading for Global Economic Meltdown but the rest of the western world will be able to get up again, we won’t.

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