A Dream from the Past

My name is Minnie Mooney, I’m almost 94 (and I know what your thinking, she doesn’t look it)
I’ve always wanted, to take part, in the parish Scor
So I dressed in my Sunday best and headed to hall
Would I sing or would I dance what would I do at all?

I looked in awe at the crowds, the like’s id never seen
We all then stood to attention (stand up straight) for “Amhrán na bhFiann” (sing last line)
Suddenly the curtains opened wide and the ban an ti came out to say
Failte romhat ag Buiríos Ó Luigheach and let’s get on our way

First came on the figure dancing, then the solo song
Ballad groups and instrumentals, oh I wished I did belong
But then (pause) it was announced, there would be no set (IMAGINE THAT)
As one of the dancers hadn’t arrived yet

The sighs were heard throughout the crowd as disappointment loomed
No set dancing at a scor, we were to be doomed.
So I saw me chance there and then and I jumped right off the seat
I’ll tell them I had danced before and was quick on the feet

The dancing teacher scratched his head looking me up and down
The other 7 dancers all began to frown
So I zipped up the dancing dress which was a little tight (OPEN COAT)
But I didn’t really care; this was going to be MY night

Then on came the music and there I was at last
Dancing in the Scor (LA LA LA) ….a dream from the past

I held my partner’s hand as my heart began to beat (pat your heart with your hand)
And off I took around the stage with my pirouetting feet (dance again)
But then (pause) something happened…..the whole thing is a daze
I tripped (pretend to trip) over me partner’s foot and flew (kick leg out) right off the stage

I stood up like a shot but unknowns to me
The zip on the dress had opened wide for everyone to see
I’ll never forget the embarrassment with the underwear in view (and this is what they saw)
And I left the hall in haste that day sure what else could I do

But that was a year ago and I’m almost 95 (and I know what your thinking she still doesn’t look it)
I’m glad to be on stage again, I’m glad to be alive
The dancing didn’t go too well but I’m not one to give up
So I’m in the recitation (and just like the Tipp hurlers) I’m hoping to win that cup


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