A Christmas Tale

A Christmas Tale

“Come in quick” Stagecoach is on the telly. John Wayne was there in all his glory killing the bad guys, and saving the day. John Wayne was our window to a whole different world, the world that small boys could only dream about; the world of Cowboys and Indians.

As it was summer, we all rushed out after breakfast to meet up for the day’s game of Cowboys and Indians. You were either an Indian or a Cowboy and you were lucky if you were either John Wayne or Geronimo. We were all armed with Winchester Rifles in the form of Hurley’s if you were a Cowboy, and Bows and Arrows in the form of sticks with strings if you were an Indian.

We had no uniforms to distinguish us as either an ‘Injun or Paleface’.

It was going to take a pleading letter to Santa and an exemplary conduct rating to sort it out. So as Christmas approached, out came the pencil and the letter was written.

Dear Santa,

My name is Jimmy Ryan and I am eight and three quarters. Can I have:

A Cowboy Suit with a hat

An Indian Suit with Feathers

Two Pistols (Six Guns) a Belt and two holsters

A Bow and Arrow set

A Rifle

And a Selection Box

I have been really good this year.

I wonder should I tell him about killing Mrs Kennedy’s cat or breaking Mrs Murray’s window with the football. I think I will leave it out no point upsetting him



Don’t worry about the Selection Box if it’s a problem, as my aunt Eileen will be giving me one anyway. You concentrate on the rest.

When Christmas morning arrived, I did get some of what I wished for and as I rushed out into the streets to see what Santa brought everyone else, It looked like there was going to be twenty John Wayne’s next summer, and poor ould Micky Mockler, who was the only that Santa brought an Indian Suit and a Bow and Arrow, was going to be chased the length and breadth of the village until next Christmas.

Tom Cullen © 2013

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