Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Today our runway is busy, sleighs landing with celebrity guests. Every elf in the village becomes abundant with excitement.  This is the most important time of the year for everyone.

The evening kicks off with Frosty and his band giving a chilling performance.  Twinkle, informed us at the break, that it is time to turn on the lights.  3.2.1. We shout together.  Thousands of bulbs come to join the party, some dance while others stand still.

The symbol of Christmas has come to life, every colour you could imagine light up the night.  Some of the guests not familiar with our climate still feel the warmth within; as they admire the view of our snow-filled village.

Ratatouille, the hired chef has produced an array of the finest foods.  With laughter and love the real recipe, you can taste the excitement.  Shrek, Princess Fiona and Donkey, joined us together with the seven dwarfs.  Unfortunately, Snow-White is away with Prince Charming.  There are a lot more surprised guests to come, according to Holly, my wife and P.A to Santa.

With the celebration in full flight, Santa and Mrs Claus, announce that, our surprised guests have indeed arrived.  A green carpet unfolded along the white ground, my heart skipped a beat; the Muppets stepped out of Fozzie’s car.  “Oh, my god, Animal, the most famous drummer in the world is here; I will have to get his autograph”.  Miss Piggy and Kermit exit with the Ginger bread men can this evening get any better.

None of us wants the night to end, but with only twelve days to Christmas, we will have to get up early in the morning for work to commence.

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, echoes around the workshop.  All toys are being prepared.  Holly does an elf-tastic job ensuring everything is on track.

Then Santa came panicked” we need to double the orders, Taylor the head elf and magic of technology is very sick”.  The elves mumble in unison, “Crumble cakes, will we have enough toys made on time”.  “Some children will be disappointed without their Play Station, Xbox or I pad,” Santa says.  Holly tries to reassures him, stating that the board games, books etc will benefit the children more.  He smiles at her saying “Holly dear, our children of today ask for much more, they do not realise the beauty in simplicity”.

Arthur elf, the publisher, made a call to Nanny Mc Fee; she suggested that they allow the one who believes a unique visual tour around the village at the end of each book.  “Yes, this will show the love that goes into the making of each book and toy, let’s do it”.
HO! HO! HO!  Santa skips out in a jolly mood.

The red Sleigh lit up and ready to go.  The navigator is in working order, I have installed a surprise cappuccino maker for Santa to enjoy with all the cookies.

Rudolf leads as we head down the runway lit up by flame torches.  All our hard work has lead up to this night.  Mrs Claus helped Santa check the list twice.

Every person who believes will get a visit.



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