Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights
Last year I put away all the christmas decorations in an orderly fashion, placing them in boxes according to the rooms that they furnished. It only took me 28 years to get around to it. Anyway, when I opened the box with the christmas lights in it, I was very pleased with myself. Normally it would be a tangled mess that took both of us an evening to sort out and cause stress that many a time brought us to the brink of divorce.
No problem this year, they were laid in groups of ten and layered so that they could be removed as they were needed. They went directly from the box to the tree. Easy, peasy japanesey. After the effortless task, all that was left to do was switch them on. I flicked the switch……….nothing happened. I flicked it again ………still nothing happened. This can’t be, I packed them, arranged them in groups of, you know, layered them as well. BUT it was the case. The lights were broke.
For feck sake, what was that all about last year, planning and preparation my arse. I stormed out and into the car to buy new ones. As I went over the railway bridge I saw the canopy of lights in front of me. As I drove along, passing the Christmas Lights on my way, my anger melted away.
There is something about Christmas Lights, something magical, something serene. I stopped in the square; turning off the engine I no longer had a priority to buy lights as I looked up in admiration at the lights over my head. Over the last week, I have been in most of the cities around the country and have taken the time to look at the lights.
To me, the lights give us the opportunity to imagine, to dream, to feel safe. Everything that surrounds them, all the other material things, disappear into the darkness. The lights give the impression of warmth, which generates a feeling of goodwill in us all. No matter what town or city you are in, Christmas Lights have the same effect on us.
Christmas Lights create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity over the streets. This gives people a ‘feel good factor’ in a time that has both happiness and sadness for us all. The Christmas Lights on your tree, when they work that is, also gives that feeling.
As night falls, lights are the only common thing that you see, no matter where you look. We may not take the time to observe this but we will take the time to look at the Christmas Lights.
Christmas Lights have the added dimension of anticipation. Children waiting for christmas morning, parents waiting for children to return home for ‘the holidays’, friends waiting to meet up again.
To me, Christmas Lights are the signal that the season of goodwill has begun and that we should embrace it as it is all too soon that they are switched off and the realities of life begin to take hold again.
Happy Christmas to you all.
Tom Cullen © thesourcewritersgroup

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