Change for the sake of change is not always for the better, indeed I’ve heard it said that the more things change the more they stay the same, In my opinion, it seems that way. Talk is cheap action is harder to see in motion, there can be no doubt that in the last forty years there have been some considerable advancements in certain fields especially in areas of communication, such as personal computers, mobile tablets, and of course mobile phones.

Now you might say “isn’t that great” we can send emails, Skype, or speak to anyone anywhere in the world, just press the buttons or touch screens and hey presto we’re in business, that would fine if we left it at that but now it seems that we can’t go anywhere without our Smart Phones-tablet, you can see people with them in restaurants, Doctors surgeries, Churches, planes, trains and just about anywhere, it’s almost as if they’ve become an extension of the human anatomy. I’m not complaining or pontificating, I have a mobile phone and a PC myself. The modern social media phenomena have engulfed the whole planet. It has become an essential way of life, and now before we leave our homes we invariably take the following, mobile phone, keys, purse or wallet. However, I remember a time when you needed or wanted to make a telephone call you had to queue outside a telephone box with a pocketful of shilling coins waiting for whoever it was, was finished with their call. In fact, there was a time when there was a telephone box in every village and town because there weren’t many people who had their own phones. It was only when Michael Smurfit came along and improved the postal system that ordinary folk could apply for one. The change I see is that rather than reconnecting people, mobile modern communications has disconnected people in a way that makes them insular and slaves to a device which is only as good the battery that powers it.

Of course, there have been other changes that have impacted on our lives, motorways have improved the movement of transport, we have an annual NCT, morning and evening gridlocks, still burn petrol and diesel, and still have too many deaths on the roads. Our highly educated young people are leaving in droves, our politicians sing different tunes to the ones back in the seventies although the merry-go-round remains the same, same names, the same family, same old promises of CHANGE for the better?

On another note, the shopping experience has changed beyond all recognition. Back in the day men would usually drive their wives to the supermarkets and leave them to it while they ‘The Men’ waited or indulged themselves in other shops, men were seldom seen with their other half. In this enlightened age, men have embraced their feminine side, changing nappies, pushing prams, staying at home more and that’s a good thing, a positive change. No strange thing to see husbands, partners, and boyfriends out and about in the supermarkets shopping and helping and even packing the messages into bags mostly with smiles on their faces, why because we’re happy, supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl’s have come to town spreading joy and cheer with their weekly surprises and delights. However, you see a man before you who is both confused and perplexed “Why” he is happy with the quality and the price of trousers on offer at these establishments but is totally confused; the reason is when you see a size thirty-eight waistline and an inside leg of thirty-six inches surely that’s not possible, there should be a retraction, not a lengthening. If somebody could explain this weird anomaly I would most grateful indeed. I’m shrinking not growing…


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