15.49pm 59,58,57…It began innocuously enough, the odd billboard poster here and there. Huge red letters on a white background with a small 3D black square in the right hand corner, July 27th 15.50pm was its only message. Odd I thought no other information just that. Some kind of advertising gimmick I suspected. But then more posters began appearing all over the country. I tried bringing up the conversation with other people in a casual way, but all I received was passive interest, ‘another shopping chain’ some said or an early budget others said’. Other than mere speculation, no one, it seemed was interested. I didn’t pass much more interest until I saw a small article secreted in the middle pages of one of the national papers some weeks later, with a heading that aroused my immediate interest ‘WHAT THEY’RE NOT TELLING US’. The article went to say how some people were beginning to get worried as the message was now appearing all over the world. That sent alarm bells ringing in my head, I’d been telling friends and anyone that would listen, that the wool was being pulled over our heads and that we were willing participants. I couldn’t get to my PC quick enough, and sure enough, when I checked the internet, there was the usual nonsense about the End of The World and Aliens coming to take over our world…But there was no mention of the 15.50 message, and that’s when I really began to get worried, something was going down all over the world on that date and time, but what?

People were starting to ask questions both of the media and local Politicians, but all they received was the usual glib answers: mainly that it was only a marketing ploy employed by one the major corporations. Other than that, there was absolutely nothing to be concerned about. The Sheep it seemed were pacified once more. Maybe I was just too judgemental or maybe I was becoming paranoid, but I rather be a fool that knew the truth, than a dead duck in the water. On July the 20th our government suddenly announced there was to be a general election, nothing wrong with that…only that quite a lot of governments  around the world were doing the same thing. You can call me a conspiracy nut if you like, but that was enough to convince me that something serious was amiss.

I managed to persuade some friends to pack some provisions and tents. On July the 26th we climbed Mount Salmon which is only a few thousand feet high. At the very least it would afford us a good view; if anything were to happen. We were more than surprised to see other groups there, but we found our spot and camped. On July the 27th we waited patiently. Someone in the crowd said that there was panic in the towns; they heard it on the radio, no one spoke, we just waited…

6,5,4,3,2,1 and then they appeared.

Jake Butler © thesourcewritersgroup 2014