Two Angels

Two Angels
Lilly McEwen is the grandmother of one, of my son’s best friend. She is both a personable and knowledgeable woman, and I first got to know her through my son, he had told her that I was gardener and a handy-man and she had in turn enquired after my services.
Over a number of years, I was privileged to get to know her very well; we share a common interest in books, herbs, and music, often discussing various subjects of a diverse nature, one of which was the subject of life after death. And it was during the course of one of these discussions, that she told me the following story.
When Lilly was forty three years of age her father died of cancer of the liver. During the week; preceding his death her father had told her of two Angels which had stood at the foot of his bed for three mourning’s in row, their beauty was almost too much for him to look at. His dilemma, he told his daughter was that one of the Angels was dressed in white while the other one was dressed in black, and that both of them wanted to take his soul. The poor man as you can imagine was terrified, and so he asked his daughter which Angel he should go with. The only thing that Lilly could do was to advise her father to pray to God for the right answer.
The man died in torment the look of terror on his face, has haunted Lilly all these years. Lilly is now in hospital and is dying. She asked for me to see her last week. She too, has two Angels, waiting to take her soul; one dressed in white and one dressed in black and she has asked me, with which Angel should she go with.
I take my answer to her tonight. I am encumbered with a great burden, and one that carries with it a curse.

Michael Mullins ©
The Source Writers Group 14 November 2011

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