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Hamish Moscovita 1935-2009 Recently passed away on the 14th Feb at the Old Codgers Nursing home in Middleton-Manchester.

Hamish Moscovita is survived by his present partner Beryl, his ex-wife’s Miriam and Dorothy, and his five children, Benjamin Mary Bethany Rupert and Patrick from his first wife June who has preceded him in this life by some ten years, and will I am sure be waiting for him with open arms and a suitable weapon in each hand on his arrival in the afterlife. He is also survived by several grandchildren who thankfully will have no lasting memories of him.

His family will no doubt try to remember him with some kindness for the things he could have done, but didn’t,  for the things he did do and couldn’t finish; but most of all for all the promises he made and didn’t keep, or could be said had no intention of keeping.  Hamish was a man of few principles; avarice and self indulgence come to mind.

He was envied by other men for what he proudly called his endowment, and which to the best of this writers knowledge certainly put it about as they say in the trade. Hamish it would be fair to say, had no hobbies no culture or etiquette. But he was never the less a man with a gift for making a profit; where others saw none Hamish did. Legend has it that he once tried to give ten pounds to a charity, unfortunately there are no witnesses and some unkindly soul has even suggested that the rumor was spread by Hamish himself.

To say Hamish was a well liked man would be an untruth, he had a few friends who no doubt will miss him greatly, the local publican and his bank manager being two of them. The last word however goes to his partner Beryl who will be thirty five next birthday; who recently said ‘I have never met anyone quite like my Hamish, and I will miss him terribly, but life goes on’.

Tearful sentiments indeed.

There will be a memorial service for Hamish which will be held on the 5Th May at St Minchin’s  hall in Middleton, and  family and friends are invited back to the Cox and Pheasant; Hamish’s local pub, to share in some light refreshments, before Beryl leaves for Spain the following week to start her new life.

We hope for Hamish’s sake that he will find peace and love in the next life, and that his family in this life will be able to forgive and forget.

Michael Mullins

Source Writers Group

28Th Feb 2011-02-28

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