2012-A Reflection

2012 – A Reflection

It’s funny how as you get older, you tend to reflect on the past. You would never have thought to do this when you were young. You were never going to get old. You would never be like the rest of those over there in the corner. You would be different. But alas we all grow old, if we are lucky.  ‘Death lays its icy hands on kings’.
So what did 2012 mean to me? My first thought would be that it was like any other year, it just passed me by. However when I gave myself the time to reflect on it, I have the following to say.
2012 was the year when our oldest son got engaged. I don’t think at the time that I realised what a momentous event this was but now I am so proud and happy. I can’t wait to celebrate their marriage and look forward to watching their life’s develope with the excitement of moving from a house and into a home and hopefully having a family.
2012 was the year when our second oldest son’s career has catapulted into a position where he now in a place that most of his profession would only reach ten years his senior.
2012 was the year when our youngest son got his BA and was invited to do an MA.His academic career is going from strength to strength.
This was the year that we got the dog. I must say that I was apprehensive about having a pet as we took a number of holidays during 2012.However as I pen this piece, she is looking up at me, wagging her tail and telling me with her eyes’ Will you ever take out that lead and bring me for a walk’. Despite all the work she causes, her appreciation makes up for it.
So 2012 was not just another year, it was another milestone in our lives that I may have taken for granted.
Happiness is not the concept as demonstrated by TV or books but how we feel about ourselves. We need to understand that we can only have contentment when we accept that our happiness should only be influenced my matters that we have control of. All other matters cannot be relevant.
I undertook a course on Mindfulness some years back but did not act on it so I got no benefit from it. My resolution for 2013 is that I must try to live in ‘the now’ and realise that what I take for granted, when pieced together, are in fact occasions for celebration and to be thankful for.

Tom Cullen

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