What Would I Like For Christmas

What would I like for Christmas


Oh God, aren’t you just sick of that cliché,’ I just want peace and happiness for everyone’. So why everyone? Why do they deserve it? Do I really mean ‘every one’ or am I just using them as a bargaining chip with ‘himself above’ to steer good things in my direction.

What I want for Christmas is also what I want for the other 364 days of the year. But what is that? Do I really know?

Who am I referring to when say ‘I’? I mean my mind. Our bodies just do what our minds allow them to do. If we have a disability or fail to perform, it is our mind that caused it. Our mind creates the guilt, it makes us feel unfulfilled, it makes us doubt ourselves. Our mind is deciding what we would like for Christmas.

So what makes us really happy and fulfilled? The truth is we really don’t know because we always see ‘the glass half empty’.

We tell our children to try harder, to be the best that they can be – but is it their best you mean or what you perceive to be their best? Maybe it would be better to support them in what they do and who they really are. Perhaps promoting a sense of fulfilment in them would give them a feeling of happiness and contentment and in turn infect you with the same positives.

Will life in the material world that we are exposed to, ever allow us to feel happy and content? If we succumb to this ideology, it is fair to say that we can never feel these feelings as we will always be striving for our next fix.

Here I go again – ‘You never know what you had it until you lose it’. Words and phrases came about through the need to communicate life experiences with others; they were not just invented by an idle mind. These minds had to be influenced.

The truth is we always, wait for it, believe ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’. Well perhaps it is or it may just look better and when you hop over the fence to have a closer look, it may only be a lawn that has no roots and will die away as soon as it is walked upon.

So ‘What would I like for Christmas?’The truth is I probably already have all I need, thanks anyway.

Tom Cullen



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