Let The Dead Bury The Dead

Let the dead bury the dead.

Buy your plot now!  Yes In this modern world of consumerism, even your last resting place is rising in price.    Hope’s may be dashed that perhaps you cannot be laid to rest with your kith and kin of past generations in the old graveyard by the old church.  Most churches are looking for new burial grounds.  We are an aging population it is hard to keep up with demand.

Bones are just that, bones.

Do you worry where yours will be resting? Spirit or soul whichever definition you care to use is the first to leave from what we recognize as our human form.

Apologies if I have offended your belief, or stirred some thought in the non-beliver, which neither may wish to address.

Palms: Matthew: 8.21.22 or Luke: 9.60 texts quote the disturbing answer our Lord gave to his new disciple when he sought leave to go and bury his father. “Let the dead bury the dead”.

These words shock our very traditional belief.  How? Can this Lord of love possible ask one to turn away without a final goodbye to our beloved ones?

The covering of our bones by flesh and the adequate working of the all-important internal organs are the basic requirements we need to live life, as we know it…  However, what about living?  Can there be any living without religious belief.   Of course there is.  Laughter, depression, tears, lust, love, hate, everyday emotions continue day by day.

Death is the big happening.  The Final Day.

Trying to understand our Lord’s reply to his follower thrusts forth thoughts of confusion to the forefront of our mind.  Is the Lord asking that we disregard all love for family and connections?

We must move past this way of thinking.  What is not visible, that is spirituality. Essence of heart and soul combined in our own private tabernacle

From dust, you came and to dust you shall return.

Yes, individual specks of dust blowing every such way. Then the creator decided to give these specks human form. (Adam and Eve)

So grieve not for the body, be happy your soul experienced love to carry forward until the great resurrection.  Our Lord rouses in the completeness of body and soul.

However, we poor mortals will travel different paths. Our soul will have to await The Final Resurrection (the end of our world as we understand it) when our cosmetic coats of skin and bones will be joined by our everlasting soul so we may be recognized and greeted by the family we once thought buried.

Rosemary O’Shea





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